DigVel is a trusted provider of cybersecurity services, delivering top-notch consulting and SecOps solutions through a team of vetted experts to strengthen operations in the ever-changing digital landscape. As a spin-off of Apriorit we leverage its two decades of experience in cybersecurity technologies, regulations, and operations to implement cutting-edge security measures and promote a comprehensive cybersecurity culture in a multiplex digital environment.

Our Key Services

We help our partners strengthen cyber security posture by rapidly deploying new and augmenting existing teams, improving their protection, staff training, and continuous quality control. DigVel offers services in various cybersecurity areas, including:

  • Security Assessment — shielding digital assets with meticulously evaluating systems, validating security measures and ensuring compliance with established security policies and procedures.
  • Cybersecurity Measures Implementation — expert deployment of cutting-edge security measures including integration of technical controls from firewalls, IDS, IPS, endpoint protection software to encryption tools and anti-malware solutions. 
  • Penetration Testing —  ensuring systems remain impenetrable and business operations run smoothly without interruptions by uncovering hidden vulnerabilities before cybercriminals do.
  • Certification Assessment consulting and technical preparations for achieving compliance with industry standards and regulations that helps to meet legal requirements effortlessly with certification in SOC2, ISO 27001, PSI DSS etc
  • Security Operations Center Teams — 24/7 military-grade cyber protection with a team of vetted cybersecurity professionals responsible for monitoring, detecting, and responding to cybersecurity threats. 
  • Complex Incident Investigation and Response — recovering data and preventing future incidents with detecting source and cause, implementing protection measures in vulnerable areas, and providing legal support during the investigation process.

Why partner up with DigVel

Enhanced Portfolio

Partnering with DigVel broadens service offerings, providing partners like MSSPs, Cloud Security Experts, AI for Cybersecurity, Security Consultants, and Training Providers with a competitive edge.

Regulatory Proficiency

DigVel team’s regulatory expertise ensures partners’ solutions align seamlessly with regulatory compliance requirements as well as industry standards, bolstering market credibility.

Trusted Collaboration

Leverage DigVel team’s 20 years of cybersecurity expertise and DevSecOps & AppSec best practices to enhance offerings and deliver top-tier services and solutions to clients.

Our certificates

CompTIA Security+
CompTIA Pentest+
CCNA Cybersecurity Operations
AWS Security Fundamentals
Cloud Security Basics Certificate
MS Associate
IBM QRadar SIEM Foundation
TCM Security

Business can be measured by money – small, medium, large, but regardless of the volume, it is also native to you personally, it is yours. Taking care of data security gives you peace of mind and your company.

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