Assistance with company certification

Software security certification is a process of assessing the resistance of a software product to external and internal threats. This process is important because it helps ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of the software. The principles of software security certification are based on the assessment of various aspects of software security, including design, code, testing, security policies, and procedures. It includes the methods used to identify and eliminate possible vulnerabilities that can be exploited by attackers. It can be said that software security certification remains a fundamental process for maintaining information security in the modern world. Moreover, many organizations simply won’t accept your software without a certificate.

In the process of supporting the certification of organizations, DigVel implements the following steps.

Identification of relevant standards. Identify and select security standards that are relevant to a particular context or organization. These can be international standards, such as ISO 27001, the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, or national legal requirements and guidelines.

Assessment of compliance with the standard. Analysis of the organization’s existing security policies, procedures, infrastructure, and controls against the requirements of the standard.

Developing a prioritized plan for fixing the gaps. After assessing compliance with the standard, gaps or shortcomings in the cybersecurity system are identified. A priority action plan is being developed to eliminate these gases. These can be technical, organizational or process changes that need to be implemented to improve security.

Advising on the implementation of the necessary security controls. This may include designing and deploying technical solutions, establishing policies and procedures, training staff, and conducting security audits.

Implementation and realization of the plan. Implementation of the priority remediation plan, installation and adjustment of necessary safety controls, staff training and implementation of new policies and procedures. This stage usually requires collaboration with various departments of the organization, including management, IT, security, and other stakeholders.

DigVel has many years of experience in in-depth software audits and certification, both for government agencies and highly regulated industries such as healthcare, finance, defense, etc.

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