Initial cybersecurity audit from DigVel

The first step to effective cyber protection for your company begins with a detailed audit and identification of your vulnerabilities. With extensive experience in implementing cyber security services, we at DigVel know that cyber security is critical for any business, regardless of size or industry. And the protection of each individual business forms a larger protective perimeter for all. That’s why we offer an initial cyber security audit for companies and government agencies.

DigVel’s initial cyber security audit is a comprehensive penetration test that allows us to identify any vulnerabilities in your security system. It is worth noting that we individually coordinate with each client the most important areas of testing since each business has its specifics. After the audit is completed, we provide a report on all vulnerabilities found. With its help, you can make changes in cyber protection yourself or together with our specialists.

In addition, DigVel provides a wide range of cyber security services that provide your business with the highest level of protection:

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