Supplier assessment

Suppliers are important for business, but they can also represent potential points of vulnerability in terms of cybersecurity. This is especially important in today’s environment when many companies use cloud services, software as a service (SaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) providers. Therefore, assessing suppliers from a cybersecurity perspective plays an important role in risk management.

Assessing suppliers from a cybersecurity perspective is a process that involves checking and analyzing the security of a supplier’s systems and data. This can include checking for security certifications, evaluating the vendor’s security policies and procedures, conducting security audits, and even performing penetration testing to identify possible vulnerabilities.

When conducting a supplier assessment, DigVel performs the following steps.

Risk assessment. Identify and analyze potential risks that may arise from relationships with suppliers.

Security audit. This is a process that includes checking the supplier’s security systems for compliance with standards and regulations.

Penetration testing. A method of identifying vulnerabilities that includes simulating attacks on a vendor’s security systems.

Certification. Verification that the supplier’s security systems comply with established standards and regulations.

Evaluation of policies and procedures. This includes reviewing the vendor’s security policies and procedures to ensure they are properly implemented and comply with security standards.

Monitoring and evaluation of implementation. After establishing a relationship with a supplier, you should regularly check its security systems. This may include verifying compliance with security commitments, identifying and remediating vulnerabilities, and monitoring threats.

Evaluating suppliers from a cybersecurity perspective helps ensure that they adhere to proper security standards. This helps to reduce the risk of data loss, security breaches, or other issues that could negatively impact the business.

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