Cybercrime Scheme: Fake Browser Updates as a Delivery System for BitRAT and Lumma Stealer

Cybercriminals are exploiting trust in browser updates to deploy malware, a new report by eSentire warns. Fake update pop-ups lead to downloads containing malicious scripts. These scripts install information stealers and RATs, granting attackers access to sensitive data and remote control of the device.

June 4, 2024

Chinese Cybercriminal Behind 911 S5 Botnet Arrested as Network Shut Down

The 911 S5 botnet, responsible for compromising millions of devices worldwide, has been dismantled by U.S. authorities, and its alleged administrator, Yunhe Wang, has been arrested. The botnet facilitated numerous cybercrimes through infected devices. The operation’s success underscores the effectiveness of international law enforcement cooperation.

May 31, 2024

Experts Sound Alarm on CatDDoS Botnet and DNSBomb DDoS Technique

Researchers have uncovered the CatDDoS botnet exploiting over 80 vulnerabilities to perform DDoS attacks, targeting over 300 devices daily. Moreover, the DNSBomb attack technique, which significantly amplifies DNS traffic, has been identified. These threats highlight the urgent need for comprehensive cybersecurity enhancements.

May 29, 2024

Cencora Data Breach Leaks Sensitive Health Information of US Patients

The pharmaceutical giant Cencora has reported a data breach affecting potentially millions of patients, with stolen data including names, addresses, and medical details. This breach is part of a larger pattern of cyberattacks on the healthcare sector, emphasizing the need for stronger security protocols.

May 27, 2024