Incident Response and Disaster Recovery

Incident Response and Disaster Recovery are important components of any organization’s cybersecurity strategy. Technology is constantly improving, but so are the methods of cybercriminals. Unfortunately, no one is safe from hacking. DigVel helps organizations that have experienced hacker attacks recover data and prevent future incidents.

Recover damaged data. After a cyberattack or incident, important data can be damaged. The problem is partially solved by creating regular backups and then restoring them. However, when this is not enough, or when a copy is not available, specialized tools and techniques can be used to recover damaged files and systems.

Analysis of the nature and causes of the incident. This is a process where cybersecurity experts investigate the details of an incident to determine its causes and impact. This may include examining system logs, analyzing network traffic, and using other evidence-gathering techniques to determine how the attack occurred and who is behind it.

Developing the necessary security measures for the future: After analyzing the incident, the DigVel team can recommend changes to security policies and procedures, or implement new security technologies to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

Developing incident response and recovery plans and procedures. An incident recovery plan contains strategies and procedures to restore critical functions of the organization. This may include data backup, physical site recovery, hardware and software recovery, and coordination with vendors and other external parties. It should be noted that DigVel can provide legal support to companies during the investigation.

It’s worth noting that effective incident response and recovery from a breach requires a lot: careful planning, staff training, regular testing of plans, and continuous updating of plans and procedures in line with changes in technology, business processes, and cybersecurity threats. DigVel specialists have many years of experience in implementing reliable data protection for companies. Contact us today to get a detailed consultation and improve your cybersecurity.