Simulation exercises on cybersecurity

Cybersecurity simulation exercises are a set of methods that help companies test their readiness for various types of cyberattacks and improve their security procedures. Such exercises should be conducted regularly by any business, and for medium and large businesses, and especially in critical industries, these activities are mandatory.

DigVel provides the following services in this area:

Simulations of phishing attacks on the company: These simulations can use mock phishing messages sent to company employees. This helps to identify weaknesses in staff training and develop a more effective training plan.

Simulation of attacks and intrusions into the infrastructure: Cybersecurity experts can conduct controlled attacks on a company’s network to identify security weaknesses. The results of such tests can be used to eliminate vulnerabilities and improve system security.

Physical attack simulations: While many cybersecurity attacks occur online, there is also the risk of physical attacks, such as equipment theft. Physical attack simulations can help a company identify weaknesses in its physical security measures.

Regular simulations: Regularly running simulations is key to maintaining a company’s cyber readiness. This not only helps staff stay on top of their game, but also makes it possible to identify new vulnerabilities that may appear over time.

Conducting staff training: Staff training is an important part of the process. Employees are the first line of defense against cyberattacks, so it’s important to ensure they are properly trained. This includes training in recognizing phishing attempts, suspicious activities or messages, and the proper use of corporate resources.

Developing recommendations for procedures and technologies: Based on the results of the simulation exercise, recommendations can be made for changes to the security technologies and procedures the company uses. For example, it may be necessary to implement additional layers of protection, update existing security software, or make changes to the company’s security policy.

Simulation exercises, as well as Infrastructure Penetration Testing, are conducted under the control and with the consent of the business owner, but without the knowledge of employees for the most realistic results. Timely detection and correction of weaknesses in security systems and improving the cyber literacy of staff strengthen protection and help avoid catastrophic incidents in the future. Contact us today to get a detailed consultation and develop an optimal strategy for checking and improving your company’s cybersecurity.