A comprehensive cybersecurity assessment of infrastructure/software protection, personnel education, legal compliance, risk/vulnerability analysis, threat modeling, and mitigation planning.

Implementation and adjustment of protection measures, setting up and optimizing IT infrastructure, monitoring for new threats, and implementing information security procedures/policies for ongoing protection.

The incident response involves analyzing the nature of the incident, detecting of source and cause, implementing protection measures in vulnerable areas, and providing legal support for clients during the investigation process.

Analyzing processes, implementing secure practices, and training employees to ensure secure software delivery and operation. Identifying vulnerabilities and assisting in building secure architectures and algorithms for data systems.

60% Companies that have been attacked

by ransomware pay ransoms to get their data back. Many pay more than once.

Trillions dollars

Global damage assessment for 2023

Or $15.2 million every minute. The question is not if they will try, the question is when

It's time for actions

Grow your business
with confidence in its security

Protect your business with our comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. We offer reliable protection of your confidential information, secure equipment and networks, strict access settings and action control, knowledgeable and trained staff, incident investigation, and professional support. Let us help you achieve certification and peace of mind.

Our Services

Threat Detection & Mitigation

Threat Detection & Mitigation technologies play a key role in protecting corporate systems and networks.

Supplier assessment

Suppliers are important for business, but they can also represent potential points of vulnerability in terms of cybersecurity.

Simulation exercises on cybersecurity

Cybersecurity simulation exercises are a set of methods that help companies test their readiness for various types of cyberattacks and improve their security procedures.

Risk assessment

Risk assessment is the process of identifying, assessing, and controlling risks associated with cyberspace.

Public Cloud Security

Public Cloud Security services are a set of solutions and tools that DigVel implements to ensure data security and protect users' cloud infrastructure.

Initial cybersecurity audit from DigVel

The first step to effective cyber protection for your company begins with a detailed audit and identification of your vulnerabilities.

Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Infrastructure Penetration Testing is a process of actively assessing the security of computer infrastructure, including network systems, servers, routers, switches, and other devices, to identify potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

Incident Response and Disaster Recovery

Incident Response and Disaster Recovery are important components of any organization's cybersecurity strategy

Cyber Maturity Assessment

Cyber Maturity Assessment (CMA) is a process that helps organizations determine their ability to protect themselves from cyber threats and their readiness to respond to such threats.

Cloud Penetration Testing

Cloud Penetration Testing is a security assessment method used to identify and correct potential security issues in a cloud computing environment.

Assistance with company certification

Software security certification is a process of assessing the resistance of a software product to external and internal threats.


Most common question
about our services

DigVel offer a range of services including risk assessments, vulnerability testing, penetration testing, threat intelligence, incident response, security consulting, compliance, and regulatory services, managed security services, and training and awareness programs.

DigVel can help protect your business by identifying and mitigating security risks, implementing robust security measures, monitoring your network for threats, providing incident response services in case of a breach, and keeping your team informed and educated on best practices.

DigVel specialists constantly improve their skills and monitor new threats and protection against them. The company has partnerships with leading technology providers and industry organizations. DigVel also participates in thematic communities for information and participates in conferences.