Assessment of the security state

As a comprehensive security services provider, DigVel’s primary goal is to safeguard your organization’s information assets. Our Security State Assessment service is designed to meticulously evaluate your systems, validate your security measures, pinpoint any security shortcomings, and ensure compliance with the established security policies and procedures.

Here’s an overview of our Security State Assessment service:

Risk Identification & Evaluation: We start by identifying potential threats and vulnerabilities in your systems that could impact your information assets. This crucial step assists in prioritizing your security strategies.

Security Control Review: Our team then conducts an in-depth review and testing of the security controls you’ve implemented. This could include physical measures like security cameras, technical defenses such as firewalls or encryption, and administrative controls including security policies and staff training programs.

Simulated Cyber Attack Testing: Also known as penetration testing, we execute a simulated cyber attack on your system to identify exploitable vulnerabilities. With your permission we could test methods used by cybercriminals in a controlled and secure manner, revealing your system’s defensive capabilities, the information at risk, and the actions needed to mitigate these risks.

Compliance Verification: We ensure that your organization adheres to the necessary security regulations and standards specific to your industry, such as HIPAA in healthcare or PCI DSS for businesses that process card payments.

Detailed Reporting & Remediation Guidance: We produce a comprehensive report outlining our findings, including identified vulnerabilities, potential impacts, and suggested remedies. Post-report, we assist you in planning and implementing remediation strategies to address the identified vulnerabilities.

Our Security State Assessment service aims to boost your security posture, assist in regulatory compliance, and safeguard your reputation by preventing potential data breaches or attacks. While the frequency of assessments can vary depending on your organization’s size, industry, or specific regulatory requirements, we generally recommend carrying out these assessments at least annually, or whenever significant changes occur in your IT environment.

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