DevSecOps & AppSec

DevSecOps is the process of integrating security practices into the software development framework to deliver more secure and reliable code. The main components of DevSecOps include:

Analysis of code for vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Static analysis of the code (SAST) and dynamic analysis of the code (DAST) are used to find vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the code before the software is implemented. SAST detects vulnerabilities in code in a state of immobility, i.e. when it is not executed, while DAST checks executable code for vulnerabilities.

Architecture analysis. Architecture analysis provides an in-depth overview of the software structure and considers possible vulnerabilities at the architecture level. It includes consideration of architecture patterns, dependencies, interfaces, components, and their interaction.

Analysis of infrastructure and pipelines. Particularly important in DevOps and DevSecOps is the concept of Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC), which means that the entire infrastructure (servers, networks, security, etc.) is controlled and automated by scripts. Analyzing infrastructure and pipelines helps ensure that these scripts have no vulnerabilities or weaknesses.

Analyze dependencies for vulnerabilities: Many modern applications use open-source code or third-party libraries that create dependencies. These dependencies may have their own vulnerabilities, which puts the application at risk. Using vulnerability dependency analysis tools, such as Software Composition Analysis (SCA), developers can identify and fix vulnerabilities in open source components and third-party libraries.

Each of these elements is critical to creating a secure DevSecOps process. By connecting them together, teams ensure that security is not a separate part of the development process, but is integrated into every stage.

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